Draw and Rules


Junior Women

Pool A Stacy Sime (MB) Shae Bevin (MB) Megan Walters (MB) Brooklyn Onagi (MB)
Pool B Hallie McCannell (MB) Mackenzie Zacharias (MB) Abbey Kitchens (ND) Emma Jensen (MB)
Pool C Cait Flannery (USA) Ashley Thevenot (SK) Faith Hebert (NONT) Serena Gray-Withers (MB)
Pool D Maya Willerz (USA) Rachel Erickson (SK) Alex Friesen (MB) Victoria Beaudry (MB)

Junior Men

Pool E Brett Walter (MB) Brayden Payette (MB) Jayden Rutter (MB) Jack Hykaway (MB)
Pool F JT Ryan (MB) Thomas Dunlop (MB) Marc Vachon (MB) Skyler Slusar (ND)
Pool G Chase Sinnett (USA) Chris Silver (NONT) Ryan Wiebe (MB) Josh Maisey (MB)
Pool H Myles Harding (NONT) Mitchell Dales (SK) Carter Watkins (MB) Jordan McDonald (MB)

Pool Draw Times

Pools A, B, E, and F will play Thursday November 15th at 9pm, Friday November 16th at 12pm, and Saturday November 17th at 9am.
Pools C, D, G and H will play Friday November 16th at 9am and 3pm, and Saturday November 17th at 12pm.

Team skills competitions and team photos will occur right after the first draw for each pool.

Tiebreakers, if necessary, will be at 3pm on Saturday November 17th. Playoffs draws will be Saturday November 17th at 6pm and 9pm, and Sunday November 18th at 9am and 12pm.

Championship and consolation finals will be held Sunday November 18th at 3pm.


Rules for the event were updated in 2016 and are posted here.

Note that participants will also be subject to Curling Canada's revised sweeping regulations and are encouraged to review the details of the moratorium here.